Consequences of Adversity in Tears of a Tiger

Topics: Thought, Life, Death Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: February 11, 2014

Consequences of Adversity When faced with adversity some people fail, and others prevail. For those who fail the problem is bigger than they are, and for those who prevail the problem is manageable. We can reflect this to the book; Tears of a Tiger by Sharon Draper. This essay demonstrate what causes some to prevail or fail by citing examples from the book. In the chapter of the book Tears of a Tiger “Dear Lord” B.J. actually prevailed. The reason B.J. prevails throughout this whole situation is because he believes in god. During this chapter of “Dear Lord” B.J. is praying to god of what happened after Robbie’s death, Robbie was in pain but eventually he moved on. So precisely after death he had a few consequences but he never let himself down and slack. In the chapter “Female Frustration,” Keisha explains about she and Andy went to the mall and Andy started to get sad. He remembered all the memories that he and Robbie have had when they would fool around in the mall. Keisha was prevailing because she at least tried to distract Andy to go out and have fun, yet Andy is impacted by depression so it’s hard for him to prevail. Andy can overcome these problems by talking it out with someone, or he should try to think positive and look on the brightside of life. Also, Andy shouldn’t over thinking, it can lead to so many miseries. As the details in this essay illustrate the people who fail are the ones, who’s bigger than they are, and those who prevail, face a problem that’s manageable. In these chapters we have learned that many people need help for they can succeed in life. Adversity around the world around us is very difficult. Prevailing isn’t easy, you have to try enough to get there. If I were a character in the book Tears of a Tiger, I would tell Andy “Feel your heart is it beating? That’s the whole purpose of it, you’ve made it this far through a lot stuff, can’t quit now never quit”!...
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