Conflicy Theroy

Topics: Sociology, Marxism, Karl Marx Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: August 9, 2013

Conflict Theory
Conflict theory is defined in our book as “a label that applies to any of a number of theroies that assume society is in a constant state of social conflict with only temporary stable periods and social phenomenia that are a result of conflict.”(“Tischer”).To me and easier way to explain it would be the people with money and power control everything including housing, money, jobs and education to name a few. The conflict is when the people who feel as if they are being taken “advantage of” fight back against the powerful. Causing a conflict between the two groups of people. There have been several conflicts noted throughout our history, The Cold War was between the United States and the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union wanted to spread communism worldwide. (Cold War) This caused a conflict with the US and the democratic beliefs we share. Another conflict was the right for gay people to marry, the conflict between religious freedom and equal rights. (“Cameron”) This has been an ongoing for many years now. The Civil War was a war between the north and the south about state rights. This is just a few things that I can think of that has been caused by conflict in the US. There are two main theorists, with the conflict theory; they are Karl Marx and Max Weber. Marx believed “that there are two basic groups of people within society – the wealthy and the poor.” (“Marx”) “Marx’s conflict theory seeks to study the inner-workings of struggle, why struggle occurs, and how the ruling class manages to hold onto their power during struggle.” (“Marx’s”) Virtually this means that the wealthy wanted to maintain their power with wealth, and the “working class” was to remain working never to better them. Marx’s also created a system he called Marxism. This is a revolutionary movement that argued that all events in history are caused by economic forces. Marx believed that capitalism would produce internal tension which in...
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