Topics: 2002 albums, Dunkin' Donuts, Doughnut Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Goodmorning everyone, I’m Jacob an engineering student from Chicagoland Illinois. Something I’m concerned with that I’d like to share with you all today, is adjusting to college life here in Platteville. Schoolwork isn’t the only adjustment we all have to make when moving up here, it’s a whole new life style to me. I’ve never had to share a room with anyone before. It’s very different and I’m still trying to adjust to not being able to leave clothes in the floor. A big difference between Platteville and the suburbs is, well I used to have to travel probably half an hour to find the nearest farm by me. Everything here is a lot more open and spread out than back home. My walmart was the cosco that was a mile from my backyard. The mall was a 10 minute drive from me and walmart, subway, and dunkin doughnuts, were a block away. Platteville is quite the change for me I’d say. Our eating habits also have to change up here, Platters is a bit different than my kitchen back home and my eyes are a lot bigger than my stomach. Then after all that, comes the important part of why we’re here, school. My teachers always said to my back in highschool, “Jake you’re not going to be able to procrastinate and put things off when you go to college like you do here.” Well I never payed much attention to that until I got here and now here I am, buried in schoolwork, studying, reading text books, with all this newfounded free time, comes all this new responsibility. I was always told you have three things in college, sleep, school, and social life, but you only have time for 2 of those. I also am on the cross country team so I’m gonna see how that all goes. In conclusion college is different, but change can be good, it’s just a manner of adapting to it. As Darwin said, “Survival of the fittest.” Well thank you for your time and lets all have a good time here at Platteville.
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