Conceptual Design for a Strategic Human Resources Quality Management System

Topics: Human resources, Human resource management, Management Pages: 18 (4738 words) Published: March 3, 2011
Conceptual Design For a Strategic Human Resources Quality Management System Dr. Sherif A. Mazen (*) Dina I. El-Kayaly (*) ABSTRACT As companies begin to compete in the challenging business environment of the new millennium, an ever-increasing reason for success lies in the function of effective human resource management (HRM). Controlling these resources (physical, organizational, information and human) gives the company the competitive advantage. The main purpose of this paper is to deliver a decision support tool aiding the decisionmaking process concerning the strategic management of the department of human resource management. The goal of the strategic management in an organization is to assess, deploy and allocate resources providing the management with a competitive advantage. TQM is an overall organization strategy formulated at the top level and then diffused throughout the entire organization. It is primarily an organizational strategy works as a change program towards excellence. Increased human resource requirements, governmental regulations, and expanded computer and information technology capabilities justified the need of an information system within the human resource department (HRMIS). The core of an HRMIS is a database system that contains all relevant human resource information facilitating accessing, maintaining and processing activities. This direct our attention to the urging need to formulate a conceptual design for a strategic human resource management information system that deploys the total quality management concepts. Looking to the problem from this point of view will enable us to employ different forecasting techniques to support the strategic human resource applications that meet the organization goals in the intermediate and long-term.

Strategic Human Resources Management - Human Resources Decision Support System (HRDSS) - Conceptual Design - TQM concepts - Statistical prediction techniques - Ratio Analysis - Trend Analysis - Time series analysis - Ranking methods.

Organizations and companies succeed, or fail, based on the quality and effectiveness of their employees. Today’s successful firms recognize that to compete in global markets, they must have world class Human Resource managers who are active participants in strategic and operational decision. Whether they are reengineering the pay and benefits of the company or implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) programs, Human Resources Managers play a central role. Most importantly, the Faculty of Computers & Information - Dept. of Information Systems - Cairo University (*) M.Sc. of Statistics - Faculty of Economics & Political Science - Cairo University (*)


practice of Human Resource Management is undergoing a technological revolution. We speak now of managing not only human resources and capital, but also information and information systems. HR functions, from employee selection to benefits planning, are being redesigned to take advantage of advanced information technology.

Business organizations exist in a competitive environment with scarce resources. Controlling these resources (physical, organizational, information and human) that gives the company the competitive advantage. The goal of strategic management in an organization is to deploy and allocate resources in order to provide the management with a competitive advantage. It goes without saying that two out of three classes of resources (organizational and human) correlated with the human resource functions. Towards maximum effect, the HRM functions must be integrally involved in the company’s strategic management process. Strategic management process first analyzes a company’s competitive situation, develops its strategic goals and mission, it’s external opportunities and threats, and its internal strength and weaknesses to generate alternatives. In his second phase, strategic management process determines a plan...
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