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Topics: Hospice, Palliative care, Cicely Saunders Pages: 12 (1690 words) Published: March 7, 2015
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Test Question
1. Life expectancy is greatest among which of the following groups? a. Black women
b. White women
c. White men
d. Black men
Test Question
2. Experts are concerned that the health of baby boomers is declining and believe a major reason is: a. An increase in smoking among white men.
b. Alcohol abuse among both men and women.
c. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
d. The continuing epidemic of obesity.
Test Question
3. Health disparities are largely related to:
a. Genetic differences.
b. Smoking and alcohol use.
c. Socioeconomic inequities.
d. Cultural differences.
Test Question
4. Loss of muscle mass in older adults results primarily from: a. Inactivity.
b. Vitamin deficiencies.
c. Inadequate intake of protein related to poverty.
d. Osteoporisis.
Test Question
5. Which of the following are signs/symptoms of hypothermia? a. Ruddy complexion and drooling
b. Confusion, disorientation and lack of hand coordination
c. Incontinence and malnutrition
d. Wandering and aggression
Test Question
6. People with cardiovascular disease are at highest risk of heat stress because: a. They are too thin and dehydrate easily.
b. Their medications impair the body's ability to regulate its temperature. c. They can't breathe fast enough.
d. They are overweight.
Test Question
7. The primary criterion in assessing cardiovascular function is: a. Heart rate.
b. Stroke volume.
c. VO2max.
d. Cardiac output.
Test Question
8. What test is used to distinguish between normal age-related cardiovascular changes and the presence of cardiovascular disease? a. An MRI of the heart.
b. An x-ray of the chest.
c. An angiogram.
d. A stress test.
Test Question
9. The result of age-related decreased renal blood flow is: a. Slowed heart rate.
b. Urinary incontinence.
c. Slower elimination of certain medications.
d. Peripheral edema.
Test Question
10. Urge incontinence is common to all older men and women. a. True
b. False
Test Question
11. Once respiratory muscle strength and endurance is reduced, it cannot really be regained. a. True
b. False
Test Question
12. Hypothyroidism (thyroid deficiency) is common in older people and characterized by which of the following symptoms? a. Tremors, elevated temperature, and anxiety
b. Hypernatremia (elevated sodium levels)
c. Lethargy, fatigue and lack of mental alertness
d. Tachycardia, hot flashes, and mood swings
Test Question
13. Diabetes increases the risk of hearing impairment.
a. True
b. False
Test Question
14. Much of what we call taste is really a sense of smell, which is controlled by: a. The fifth cranial nerve.
b. The paranasal sinuses.
c. The taste buds.
d. The olfactory cells.
Test Question
15. Older people need less sleep than young people.
a. True
b. False
Test Question
16. Because of age-related declines in touch sensitivities, older adults have diminished need for physical contact. a. True
b. False
Test Question
17. The three drugs most often implicated in adverse drug events are: a. Streptomycin, albuterol, and ibuprofen.
b. Benzodiazopines, calcium channel blockers, and naproxen.
c. Nicillin, testosterone, and malarone.
d. Warfarin,...
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