Computer Science in Culinary Arts

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At these times, computers science helps us in all the things we do. I like computers so much, but at the same I love the culinary arts. Believe me, I love this two things and I want to create a new form to present the culinary world. When I think the impact of the food in health, I know that I could help with the computers science the manner that restaurants around the world present this menu. With computers we could create programs that restaurants may use to balance the meals, with the correct calories and nutrition facts. Restaurants could present their menus in digital form, at this manner, the consumer could choose the right menu, counting their calories and feel confortable that make the right selection. The science computer could help doctors that prepare some specific diets for the particular needs of the patient. If allow the program that I want to create. With this program, the doctors choose the right food and the program made different combinations with the calories necessaries and print the specific diet for the patient. This program was effective to create different diet for different health condition. It will be very useful in hospitals cuisine. In our house, we could use this program. At this manner we choose the right meals and create a variety of menus, it help with all the persons that day by day, question, what I do today for the breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many times my mom said that. Finally, I am determinate to study computer science and culinary arts, I know that I have the potential to do that. I am working hard in learn so much about computers science, and refining my culinary skills. Soon I began to work in the process of the creation of healthy menus to share with me family and friends, programming a good food chart selection. I know that computers science and culinary arts are the right selection to do my career.
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