Computer Maintenance and Training Manual

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IT/280 Computer Hardware Fundamentals

Computer Maintenance and Training Manual

Environmental concerns2
What are the Benefits?2
Power Protection2
The Tower4
Internal hardware installation and maintenance5
Motherboard Components5
Power Supply7
CPU installation8
Memory Installation9
Mass Storage Devices9
Hard drives10
Graphics card10
Windows Vista® Upgrade11


Environmental concerns
With the amount of electronics used by humanity, disposal of outdated and broken equipment is a big problem that is growing larger with every upgrade and new device. A big problem with this increasing amount of waste is the hazardous chemicals that can be released into the environment from the old equipment. Another problem is the fact that these items are usually constructed of materials that don't biodegrade without significant amounts of time. For these reasons, it isn't always advisable to dump the equipment in landfills. There are methods available for reducing and recycling this electronic waste, whether it be repairing old computers for other users, or recycling the components themselves into new equipment. There are still problems with refurbishing old computers, such as people being unwilling to use outdated equipment. Even if they are willing to take the equipment, they might not have access to proper disposal resources. This also points out that these concerns should be addressed globally, it is impossible to say how someone's trash could affect our entire ecosystem. Everybody should take pride in their environment and pull their own weight in order to keep it clean. What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits that come from showing more concern for the environment. It will better our future, it is a good example for our children to build on. There are many useful elements that can be salvaged from old or broken equipment, reusing them makes fiscal sense as well as environmental sense. We'll also cut down on sources of hazardous material, which will help cut down on many things like illness and death. Resources

I live in a rural area, so unfortunately my recycling options can be somewhat limited. However, there is a program that is ran by OM Computer Recycling that seems rather simple and easy. You send them an e-mail, and they mail you a packing slip with the postage paid. Put the equipment you want to get rid of in that and mail it back to them, they'll remove all your traces from it and they don't charge you anything for sending it in. They probably make a lot from reselling the parts, but if you aren't concerned with that, this can be a variable method to recycle your equipment. Power Protection

Power failures are a huge hassle, power surges can be disastrous. Nobody likes to be working on a paper and then have the power cut off on them in the middle of it. Documents get lost, equipment gets damage, and nerves get frayed. Everybody has had a power issue at some point, and luckily there are ways to mitigate or eliminate them. One thing everybody should use is surge protection. Surge protectors, or suppressors, are appliances that are designed to protect against voltage spikes. They try to regulate the voltage given to the electrical device by blocking or shorting to ground any voltage above a certain threshold. Many power strips have surge protection built in, and those that do are usually labeled that way. It is important to note that note all power strips are surge protectors. When it comes to surge protectors, there are certain specifications that should be considered. They are: clamping voltage, joules, response time, and standards. Clamping voltage is the level of voltage that will be allowed through before shorting to ground, usually the lower the better but also the faster it wears out....

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