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4. If CompTech decides to drop the MBA requirement, what possible effects could such a change in policy have on other human resource activities? What possible advantages do you see by keeping the MBA? If CompTech decides to drop the MBA requirement, it will allow a larger talent pool selection for human resources to choose from. CompTech can also save money by looking for possible talent internally versus costly employment agencies, advertising and recruiting campaigns. Alternatively, if an MBA degree is directly related to performance, HR may find that those without the advanced degree may not perform as well as those in the past who have.

5. Carlyle is partial to the use of the PAQ to set job specifications. What is your position on the use of the PAQ for this purpose relative to other job analysis methods? The Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) is a standard job analysis method which focuses on the specific behaviors required to perform a job successfully rather than in the individual job tasks that take place during work. The use of the PAQ is a good idea because it will help provide tools to demonstrate job specifications for selection. It can help identify job specifications that are necessary to perform a job successfully.

6. Could Carlyle use the O*NET to address any issues? If so, what could she learn? O*NET or Occupational Information Network can be used to determine essential knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics required to perform a job successfully. O*NET can offer training and wage information as well as projected growth for different occupations in which Carlyle can use to help gain understanding on whether or not the salary for store managers is competitive and make adjustments accordingly. Carlyle can also utilize O*NET to review detailed job descriptions for those managerial positions that need definitions.
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