Comparison of Two Magazine Ads

Topics: Female, Ageing, Gerontology Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Magazine companies all serve a similar purpose. This purpose involves targeting a certain age group, and using whatever means necessary to sell their copies to the age group in which they’re targeting. It involves examining the popular culture that’s present during that time period. For example, in a society today that is so based on sexual activity and partying, it wouldn’t be uncommon for a magazine company that was targeting a younger age group to exploit those interests. In contrast, for a magazine company that was targeting an older age group, it wouldn’t be uncommon for the magazine writers to exploit the interests of older women, such as appearing younger and dressing in modest clothing. Both “Woman’s Day” and “Cosmopolitan” are examples of magazine companies that fit perfectly under these categories. Although the two are focusing their attention on entirely different age groups, they both provide similar tactics of marketing. The May issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine features a famous singer wearing a revealing dress that exposes her breasts and thighs. Her outfit combined with her pose and facial expression, illustrates seduction. It appears that she’s meaning to display her sex appeal. This most likely was the photographer’s intention in order to increase sales. The subtitles on the magazine showcase a variety of different sneak peeks into the magazine, which almost all contain sexual connotation. The subtitle with the largest font states “SEX MOVES MEN CRAVE.” Another subtitle of generous size states “This Sex Position Increases Female Orgasm by 56%.” The few subtitles that don’t contain sexual innuendo say things such as “Call Him or Text? The New Rules” and LOOK SEXY! MAKEUP THAT FLIRTS FOR YOU!” The subtitles displayed on this magazine in combination with the promiscuously dressed singer, provide indications of it being a magazine for young females, whose top priorities center around physical appearance and pleasing their man. Woman’s Day Magazine,...
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