Community Immersion Project

Topics: Old age, Family, Gerontology Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: September 18, 2012
September 7, Friday and September 9, Saturday, we went in Tondo for our community immersion project at Missionaries of Charity (home for the aged). When I saw those old people, a question entered in my mind: “Why their family did abandoned them? And are they happy to be here where they don’t even have relatives whom will take care of them?” I felt pity because their family abandoned them. They did not experience the feeling of being taken care by their loved ones. And at the same time, I was so disappointed of what their family did. Imagine, after those hardships that their parents did, they’ve just left them like that without even realizing that the sufferings and difficulties that their parents experienced was for them, for their future, and for them to be happy. While we are having our feeling program, I got a chance to talk to them. They have different stories. Others are homeless, others were sent by their sons and daughters, and there’s a girl that has been sexually abuse and has a mental disorder. I never imagined that I’d be comfortable to talk to them. We also helped and cleaned their rooms. Honestly, it was so tiring but fun. Even though they are already old, they’re still nice to us. We gave them bracelets as a remembrance. Other elderly also gave us bracelets that they’re wearing as a sign of gratitude. I was touched and at that short period of time, I realized that I should not waste the chance of showing to my parents how much I love them. And I promised to myself that I will not abandon my parents like the way others did. I mean we should be thankful that God gave us a parent that loves us. Cherish every moment that we’re with them and appreciate all those little things that they’re doing for us to be happy.
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