Topics: Communism, Marxism, Soviet Union Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: October 19, 2013
Communist Russia War Communism and the New Economic Policy One-Party Dictatorship started in 1918 with Lenin’s infant Communist government were threatened with civil war. Tsarist officers had gathered troops in the south and others in anti-communist centers. Arose in Siberia and still others in the extreme north and along the Baltic coast. A political group called the (Whites) were in contrast to the communist. (Reds), which combined all shades of opinion and the theory of moderate socialist to reactionary. The (Whites) received support from foreign governments, which freely intervened, until their own revolution in November 1918. Communist Russia in July 1918, murdered, Nicholas II and his entire family. In August, a non Communist socialist nearly assassinated Lenin, while White forces in the south to move and to cut off central Russia from its food supply. In November 1918, thanks to the Allied victory and American contribution to it, the Germans menace ended in Russia. Communist Russia Hard- pressed as Lenin’s party by the autumn of 1920 had prevailed over its enemies. The Communist victory in the Civil War, which extracted a staggering price. The Reds and Whites alike carried the tsarist tradition. In Communist Russia, some 1.2 million combatants on both sides perished. In addition, the Communists killed some 250,000 peasants who resisted grain requisitions and executed tens of thousands of political opponents and adding to the death toll were some 100,000 Jews. Communist Russia victims of pogroms perpetrated largely by the Whites. Compounding the nation’s anguish was the famine of 1921-1922, which claimed some 5 million victims. The New Economic Policy introduced in 1919 was to deal with the plummeting agricultural and economic production, rampant inflating, and desperate hunger in the cities. The state took over the means of production and greatly limited private ownership. War in communism devastated the economy even further, alienated workers and...
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