Communist Manifesto & Antz

Topics: Marxism, Communism, Socialism Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: October 21, 2010
“Working men of all countries, unite!” This conclusion to one of the most notable pieces of critical literature written, the Communist Manifesto, a philosophy of where the working class was no longer the oppressed, and sought to bring workers of all nations together and revolt against the system in place. At the time, it was obvious that those who were working hard, were also those who were not moving anywhere in the social order class system that was in place when Marx had written the Manifesto. Known as the founding documents of the Communist party, Marx argued that private property should be abolished as well as the right of inheritance, a heavy progressive income tax, as well as other things. Marx was fighting against the bourgeoisie, those who had not worked for the property or luxury that they were able to afford. Comparatively, in the film Antz, parts of the ideals of Communism are depicted throughout the film, along with other forms of governments. The colony was led like a Communist country, an aristocracy, and had a totalitarianism setup. Communism, for example, was a major part of the story. The government dictated the entire colony and every aspect of the ant’s lives. The film depicts a struggle between the working class and the social class, like the Manifesto, while at the same time, showing the importance of individualism, which went against what Marx stood for. However, though numerous scenes of the film contradict it, several comparisons can be made throughout the film with the Communist Manifesto.

One of the most indisputable scenes that can be compared to the Manifesto, is in the beginning. Z is one who feels depressed, and believes that he is worthy of a much more respectable job. The conditions that the “worker” ants are forced to work in are mostly miserable, and the ants have no choice of how long to work or what job they are allowed to do. Z specifically says that is searching for something bigger, something that will fulfill his wishes...
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