Commercialization and Education

Topics: Education, School, Rhetoric Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Karen Sanchez
Professor Copeland
RWS 200
25 September 2012
Rhetorical Analysis 
Education is considered to be a central value in the American culture. Social scientist, and professor of civil society, Benjamin R. Barber, in his excerpt, “The Educated Student: Global Citizen or Global Consumer?” depicts the reality of education’s purpose and unconstructive effect on students’ competence. Barber appeals to logos and ethos to expose the growing relationship between commercialization and the educational system that has emerged throughout history. Furthermore, Barber argues that school institutions need to take back the reign of education by providing students with a multicultural, civic, and literate education in order to shape informed citizens and not an apathetic community. Barber appeals to logos by briefly introducing the history that constituted the purpose of education. He refers to political reformists John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both who advocated that education was the foundation to a well-informed citizenry and the key to a successful democratic government (Barber 1).  Furthermore, he emphasizes the value that education gives to citizens. Barber proves his statement by emphasizing the benefits education gives to people. For instance, he mentions Brown vs. Board of Education to indicate the inequalities minority groups had to overcome in order to attain a voice in society (Barber 1). Evidently, the rights that were once denied have been progressively achieved with the help of educational access. Thus, acknowledging the valuable power and thrive education has on individuals. After emphasizing the historical importance that education has brought upon people, Barber continues to use logos to illustrate the corruption that has disintegrated the educational system. For example, Barber points out that after the Civil War, stealth actions of commercialization and privatization in public schools developed. Barber references large...
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