Coca-Cola Company Human Resource Management System Analyze

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Introduction of Coca-Cola
Coco-cola Company is the largest soft drink company in the world. Coca-Cola owns the whole world 48% marketplace occupation ratio. It has employment of more than 2 million workers. History
The first Coca-Cola recipe was invented in Columbus, Georgia at a drugstore by John Smith Pemberton in 1885. In 1892, Candler incorporated a second company, the Coca-Cola Company (the current corporation). In 1928, Coca-Cola set the first branch in Shanghai, China. Coca-Cola in China

The Corporate culture of Coca-Cola in China is "People Oriented". We all know that China has experienced manifold changes in its economic system which has seen it become the second largest economy in the world after USA, is a huge market that Coca-Cola Company would not ignore. 1 In 1979, the first batch of Coca-Cola products by Coca-Cola Company has now enter into the mainland China market, nowadays, Coca-Cola had blended in the Chinese life, at the same time also witnessed the process of China's integration into the world. Why We Choose Coca-Cola in China to Analyze

China is making its presence felt in the global stage by taking big strides in opening up its economy to international trade. Coca-Cola in China divided their employees into three types: Leader of Leaders; Leader of others; Leader of self. It is called "Every employee is a leader". We want to study how Coca-Cola in China manages such a large number of talents in China and their special localization management.

Introduction of HRM
Nowadays, we often hear a word: HRM. It’s short for the human resource management. In our group’s opinion, the human resource management is the process of hiring and developing employees so that they become more valuable to organization. HRM includes conducting job analyses, planning personnel needs, recruiting, managing salaries, providing benefits and incentives, and so on. In short, almost all of the business about people in the company, we can call it HRM. The Importance of HRM in a Company

Human resource management is an important part of every business for a variety of reasons, but all of the reasons focus on the employee. Employees are an important aspect to any business, without employees, the business could not be as successful as managers want. The reason for this is that without some type of employees the business would not be run properly, no matter what size of business you have. Why Coca-Cola Company is so successful in the world? The answer is HRM. They offer a professional human resource management system to the employees in the company. The wonderful HRM system can ensure the company in a right way. So next part our group will analyze the HRM system in depth of Coca-Cola Company.

Coca-Cola’s HRM System Analyze
The Value Theory
The Coca-Cola Company focus on cooperation, it required employees to unite together in order to solve problem because the company believed that unity is strength. In the meantime, company emphasized that everyone is the leader, and aimed at inspiring employees to do their best when they are working, further, the company encouraged employees regard the jobs as their careers. Only the employees treat their jobs as their careers that they will pay 100% attention on their jobs. This is the value theory of Coca-Cola Company which is very important for a company to earn more profit. And the theory for each employee is the reason why Coca-Cola Company’s human resource management is so successful. Now, our group analyzes Coca-Cola Company’s human resource management in these three parts in detail: recruiting and staffing, training and compensation. 1. Recruiting and Staffing

In this part, we will include two parts which are external and internal staffing. Coca-Cola Company had not only used some special methods but also use some useful methods both in external and internal recruiting and selecting. So it is in order to organize and managed the company’s human...
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