Characterization of Animal Farm Characters: Squealer and Snowball

Topics: Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: June 2, 2011
Characterisation of Squealer and Snowball- Animal Farm
Squealer, the faithful companion and advertiser of Napoleon, is an influential pig that is adeptly gifted with the art of persuasion. He is said to be able to ‘turn black into white.’ Under Napoleon’s rule, Squealer assumes the post of a propagandist for Napoleon’s supposed motives and goals. As the spokesperson for the pigs, he cunningly rewrites history and presents encouragingly false statistics, exploiting their gullibility and determination towards the benefit of the farm. Squealer can be directly linked with the propaganda department for Vladimir Lenin’s government. Like squealer, the propaganda department worked with Stalin (Napoleon’s counterpart) to present him in a favorable manner. They used outrageous lies to sway people in support of them and were greatly assisted by the fact that education was quite limited.

Snowball, one of the early leaders of the Animal Revolution, was shunned away and defamed as a selfish, narcissistic pig that had formed an alliance with the enemy. However, Snowball contrasted Napoleon greatly in that he genuinely believed in making life better for all and toiled hard to fulfill this goal of his. Before he had the chance to, however, he was chased into exile by Napoleon’s ‘dog police’ and was never seen again, although frequently attributed to many fiascoes in the farm. Snowball can be correlated to Leon Trotsky, a pure communist and proper follower of Marxism. Trotsky has been documented to have clearly wished for a better life for everyone in Russia, before being expelled from the Communist Party and being deported from the Soviet Union, mainly due to Vladimir Lenin.

Nikhil Kuchi
Year 9
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