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1. CONTINUING CASE ASSIGNMENT Interview the manager of the shopping center that contains the retailer you selected for the Continuing Assignment. Write a report summarizing which retailers the shopping center manager thinks are his or her best tenants and why they are valued. How does the manager rate the retailer you have selected? What criteria does he or she use?

2.INTERNET EXERCISE Go to the Web page for Faneuil Hall Marketplace at and the online site for Coco Walk at http:// What kinds of centers are these? List their similarities and differences. Who is the target market for each of these retail locations?

Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Coco Walk are lifestyle center.


Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Coco Walk are lifestyle center
Both are popular with residents
Offers convenient guest services such as 24 hours security


Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Located in downtown Boston, steps away from the waterfront, Faneuil Hall Marketplace is alive today as it was in 1742 when our nation's fathers proclaimed it "The Cradle of Liberty."

Customers enjoy unique, locally loved, and nationally recognized shops while indulging in the world wide cuisine at our restaurants, pubs, and in the world-famous Quincy Market Colonnade.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace is Boston shopping at its best with more than 100 of the finest shops and specialty pushcarts. Locally-owned treasures, nationally recognized retailers, and the Bull market...the world's first "fleet" of wholly unique pushcarts featuring New England artisans and their fabulous wares.

Coco Walk

Coco Walk is lined with high end retail and boutiques, fine dining and bistro cafes, live entertainment and music ranging from jazz to Latin fusion, and a 15 screen luxury movie theater which serves a variety of international wine and beer, as well as small plate offerings including desserts.

Visitors and shoppers are free from the hustle and bustle of life, as Coco Walk is very tranquil and low key, leaving only the buzz of casual conversation and all those who are captivated by the dazzling greenery, art, and people watching that has remained impervious to time.

The iconic Coco Walk, located in the heart of Coconut Grove, Florida is Miami’s ultimate destination for shopping, dining and entertainment. Coco Walk’s unique grounds and buildings were carefully designed to blend seamlessly into the surroundings of Coconut Grove, a bay side boating village.

Coco Walk is committed to making your shopping and dining experience a memorable one. Its approach is to reposition Coco Walk back to its “glory days.” The interest is high from local residents, business and political leaders, and hotels and attractions to re-establish Coco Walk’s presence! So take the Walk – to Coco Walk, and experience the charm, color and charisma for yourself

Premier outdoor destination , dining and entertainment

The Target Market of Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Coco Walk

Class people and the all residents that want to shop and dine in FHM and Coco Walk

3. GO SHOPPING Go to your favorite shopping center, and analyze the tenant mix. Do the tenants appear to complement one another? What changes would you make in the tenant mix to increase the overall health of the center?

Based on my analyze in the tenant mix it so many selection in the shopping center. Do the tenants appear to complement one another? I think no, because in a shopping center many tenants are there and it be competitive. The changes I make is to offer the all tenant to make a sale discount so that many customer go to shopping center to increase the overall health.

4. GO SHOPPING Visit a lifestyle center. What tenants are found in this location? Describe the population characteristics around this center. How far would people drive...
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