Changing Role of Human Resource Management-the Transformations of Hr in Organizations Are Becoming More Adaptive and Customer-Orientated.

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Changing Role of Human Resource Management
AUGUST 26, 2010
Ellis M. Jones

Changing Role of Human Resources Management
Traditionally the role of human resources (HR) is to serve the agendas of executive management. The transformations of HR in organizations are becoming more adaptive and customer-orientated. The HR professional is considered an associate to managers, strategic partners to executives, and employee advocate. This report will give detailed examples of the changing roles of HR in response to globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics. To promote the success of an organization HR must identify the mission, vision, values, goals, and action plan in place to obtain each. The role of HR is now an immense part of the organizations identity and will play an imperative role in the achievement of the organizational mission. Globalization is a recent role HR has assumed to make organizations successful abroad. When globalizing an organization it is the responsibility of HR to develop cross-cultural competencies. Foreign competition and oversees trade has forced organization to become more culturally sensitive and globally minded; thus falling in the HR assigned duties. The terminology used by HR to describe globalization is accepting that cultural diversity in management composition and management style contributes to the competitive advantage of the global agency. “Effective globalization calls for the pursuit of a number of management approaches that, on paper, may seem contradictory, but that can truly be effective only through their simultaneous and balanced application” (Pan Suk, 2009). The HR department provides step-by-step procedures for developing and managing people until comfortable with cultural diversity. The task of managing a workforce to think, act, and lead on a global perspective is the tools HR provides globally. The immense amount of globalization has caused HR to change roles, taking on more...

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