Changing Nature of Human Resource Management

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Nature of human resource management:
Human resource management is a field that has evolved a great deal since its beginnings about began as a primarily clerical operations concerned with payroll, employee records, and arranging community visits. HR activities:

HR management is composed of several groups if interlinked activities taking place within the context of the organization. A brief overview of seven HR activities is as follows: * HR Planning and Analysis

Through HR planning, managers attempt to anticipate forces that will influence the future supply of and demand for employees. Employees must be appropriately motivated and be willing to stay with the organization for a reasonable time. * Equal Employment Opportunity

HR plans must ensure sufficient availability of a diversity of individuals to meet affirmative action requirements. * Staffing
The aim of staffing is to provide an adequate supply of qualified individuals to fill the jobs in an organization. The job descriptions and job specifications can be prepared can be used when recruiting applicants for job openings. * HR Development

Beginning with the orientation of new employees, HR development also includes job skill training. * Compensation and Benefits
Compensations reward people for performing organizational work through pay, incentives, and benefits. Employers must develop and refine their basic wage and salary systems. * Health, Safety and Security

Ensuring physical and mental health safety of employees is vital. Globally, various safeties

And health laws have made organizations more responsive to health and safety concerns. Workplace security has grown in importance, in response to the increasing number of acts of workplace violence.

* Employee and labor market relation
The relationship between managers and their employees must be handled effectively if both the employees and the organization are to prosper together. HR management Challenges:
The environment faced by HR management is challenging one. Some of the most significant changes facing HR management are as follows: 1. Economic and technological change
Several economic changes have altered employment and occupational patterns globally. For instance, pressure from global competitors force many firms to close facilities and adapt their management practices. Global competition is a major factor affecting these shifts in economic globalization. 2. Workforce availability and quality

HR professionals have faced greater pressure to retain, recruit, and train workers. To address the skill deficiencies, HR management must do the following: * Make training for future jobs and skill available

* Increase the usage of new training methods
* Become active partners with public systems
* Assess the skill of existing employees

3. Growth in contingent workforce
Employers can expand and contract workforce thorough the use of contingent workforce to stabilize workforce. They may also hire when workload increases and terminate when the workforce decreases. This helps them rely on temporary workers. 4. Demographic issues

The number of women has increased in the workforce than ever before due to these demographic changes. The average age of the employees working has also increased.

5. Wok/family balancing
6. Organizational restructuring and mergers/ acquisition
Mergers are being adopted by many companies to become competitive and due to global competition. As a part of these organizational changes, many organizations have “right sized” by: * Eliminating layers of managers

* Closing facilities
* Merging with other organizations
* Out placing workers
* To improve productivity, quality and service plus reducing cost

HR management roles:
HR Management roles include
Administrative role:
This focuses extensively on...
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