Challenges of Life

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Some of Life’s Challenges
Education has always played one of the most challenging parts of my life. It has become even more of a struggle with the other priorities in my life such as work and my hockey club team. I always try my best to get around to these events while at the same time, try to avoid the worst possibilities-like not having a source of transportation or falling behind schedule with another event. These issues of rides and time can occur often but I do learn to work with what my sources are, which is hardly anything, and somehow manage to be okay at the end of the day. To begin with, working is a huge responsibility and sometimes can be a bigger priority than school. I work all morning shifts which keeps me from having any classes in the daytime. In addition, the morning time at the Galleria Mall is slow but the regulars are always there early, sometimes before the mall even opens, and it becomes frustrating when trying to concentrate on my work with a customer walking in every other minute. This causes me to lose my train of thought, which you all know can be very thwarting. Last, but worst part is that when I get off work, I have class right after! I come to class grumpy, hungry, and hardly without a desire to learn anything. For quite some time now, cars have been a huge hobby as well as a passion of mine. Not too long ago my mom and I began to share cars because she had returned hers due to the end of her lease. Furthermore, this has become a serious problem in which one of our schedules becomes ruined and in most cases I am the one that makes the sacrifice of skipping a hockey game, being late to work, or having to be dropped off at class an hour and a half early. Lastly, I have developed the habit of having to ask for rides from friends or family. This becomes very nerve wrecking which makes me feel terrible for always having to ask and sometimes I don’t even manage to find a ride because my family and friends have their own things to get......
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