Cause and Effect

Topics: Nutrition, Shopping mall, Hamburger Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: December 30, 2005
Cause and Effect

Fast Food Phenomena

Fast Food Restaurants have become the leading food source for most Americans today. It's not uncommon to find Fast food places very close to one another, even right next to each other in some areas of a town.

Popularity for fast food has grown rapidly. Just in the past couple of decades you can see the difference of how many fast food places there are between decades. You can now find all types of fast food restaurants offering different varieties of food such as Oriental, Mexican, Pizza, Chicken, Hamburger, Hotdogs and Sandwiches, just to name a few. They each have their own special way of preparing the food to make them unique that separates them from each other. There is even a variety of Coffee to go places such as, Starbucks, Mr. Coffee Bean, etc… All designed to entice the public's appetite.

Americans are a busy bunch of people. They are always on the go and have a need to do things fast. The convenience of these food and beverage establishments fulfills this fast growing need to eat and drink on the run. Today it is easy to find people eating or drinking while driving in theirs vehicles or while shopping in Malls. Shopping malls have what are called food courts just for this purpose. A whole section of a shopping mall is dedicated to only fast food Noelck 2

restaurants so that shoppers can eat while shopping. This keeps the shopper from having to leave the mall to find a place to eat and possibly going to a different shopping mall. This was a smart business move on the mall owner's part. For now the shopper can take a break from the stress of shopping and have the choice of all the different fast foods to eat and relax before continuing to shop.

It is for these reasons we can easily see the fast food phenomena growing daily. But there have been recent studies that show fast food is not a healthy way to eat and causes serious problems for people and our youth today. There are not enough nutrients in fast...
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