Case Study Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd. “Selection of a Human Resources Manager”

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Case Study Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd. “Selection of a Human Resources Manager”

Discussion question 1:

The problem with Maples Leaf Shoes Ltd. was that the company did not have an experienced, qualified, skilled and knowledgeable manager to deal with the company’s day-to-day human resource activities like union negotiation and recruitment. A human resource manager plans strategies and handles the short and long-term challenges facing the company’s increasing global completion, increasing labor and production cost, managerial training and development for employees.

Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd. should recruit a human resources manager who would be the first contact with the company and the last person to meet with upon leaving the company. A human resources manager covers a lot of behind-the-scenes activity related to employment: records maintenance, benefits administration, performance reviews, training, policy enforcement, skill assessment, career planning, payroll etc. Accordingly, Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd. should recruit a human resources professionals with "a range of personal qualities and skills" to perform the tasks and contribute to the growth of the company. Some of the requirements for the future human resource manager are as follows:

Education: bachelor's degree or equivalent in Human Resources, Business, or Organization Development for a managerial position. Recommended would be Certified Human Resource Professional or a master’s degree or coursework to cater Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd. needs which includes business administration, organizational development, labor relations and behavioral and social sciences. Certification in specialty areas such as benefits administration and training enhance career growth opportunities would add value.

Job experience: the manager should have a minimum of seven years of progressive leadership experience in Human Resources positions. Specialized training in employment law, compensation, organizational planning, organization development, employee relations, safety, training, and preventive labor relations, preferred. Active affiliation with appropriate Human Resources networks and organizations and ongoing community involvement, preferred. Possess ongoing affiliations with leaders in successful companies and organizations that practice effective Human Resources Management. He/she should be able to deal with unions, redesign jobs to cut down costs for the company, handle the growing number of employee complaints and manage the challenges posed by the firm’s growth. The new manager should be a mover and shaker at the same time not offending anyone.

Job skills: Leadership skills are one of the most essential skills the manager needs to have. This includes his/her knowledge of business, HR and organizational operations, strategic thinking and critical/analytical thinking, leading change, effective communication, credibility, results orientation and drive for performance, ethical behavior, and persuasiveness and the ability to influence other employees (both management and non management staff). The manager needs to possess both a global mindset and the ability to be flexible in order to adapt to changing global business needs. Ethical behavior was also identified as key for HR leaders.

Management skills would be the other important factor. With the evolution of HR as a strategic business partner, human resources managers need team-building skills complemented with an ability to "see the big picture" as well as relate to all levels of management and employees. Strong leadership, budgeting, writing, presentation and project management skills would benefit Maples Leaf Shoes Ltd.

In addition to that he/she should have better than average written and spoken communication skills, outstanding interpersonal relationship building and employee coaching skills, demonstrated ability to lead and develop HR department staff members, demonstrated ability to serve as a knowledgeable resource...

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Dated: February 25, 2013
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