Care of Older Persoen

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Writed by Monika Kacprzak


My name is monika.I didn’t become care assistant out of choice but feel necesary.I was trust into the role when my grandfather become unable to care for himself. He suffered from multiple sclerosis.I was with him while he was going through all stages of that disease untill the day when the muscles needed to breath stop working. On taht day I decided to use knowladge and expirience I gain to help other people. The reasone why I have decided to do this course is to learn a fulfillment of the special needs and requirements that are unique to senior citizens.

Introduction of the Client

The person I have decided to write about is a man of 76 years old aand I name his John,for the purpose of the assignment.

John suffers from high blood presure(hypertension) and also high cholesterol.As a result he needs to change his diet and regular physical activity. He wears glasses but just for a reading.His breathing is good and memory function is normal for a man of his age.Also John had a surgery 3 month hip replecement right leg.As a result he has to walk with the walking frame to release him from pain.

Specific need required for the activities of daily living

Maintaining a safe environment

John is currently a resident of a nursing home.He lives here 6 months.John has his own room witch is bright and spaciaus(as he has to use walking frame(of standard size approximetly 33”).In John room also is toilet with bath.In his room alweys is 21 degrees temperature(this is a ideal temperature for John).

The environment for a older person should be safe.All fire doors should be markered clearly within the builing and should be free from any obstructions,there should be fire alarm and blanket. Medicines should be administered dafely by nurses within the...
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