Capitalism and Socalism

Topics: Equals sign, Equality, Socialism Pages: 2 (340 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Jack Newbanks

Today there are different ways we can choose to live throughout the government. What is a better government to live in? Capitalism or Socialism? Capitalism and socialism are two very different views. And capitalism is better.

Cabalism is the way we live now days. I think capitalism is a better way to live because I don’t think socialism is fair to people. Capitalism is an economic system where trades and industries are controlled by private owners. And if people work harder and longer hours, they make more money than the people that don’t.

Socialism isn’t fair to a lot of people. Socialism isn’t fair people God made everyone to be different and stand out in their own way. And slot of people work very hard and should get the amount of money they deserve for the amount of time they worked. Socialism is “That the government dictates what commodities are produced, how many are shipped to distributors, and how much human labor must constitute a certain amount of production and labor wages, making the economy in itself obsolete.” ( )

Our government today is runed by capitalism. A lot of people agree it is a better way to live and it is more fair. In the book Anthem Equality 7-2521 is not equal to everyone and the world council does not like him because he is taller and smarter than everyone. God mad Equality that way and there is nothing he can do about it. And that’s not a fair way to live life. And people should be able to be there selves without people telling what to do and how to live.

Also Socialism fails because a lot of people are against it and don’t want the government to be like that. And capitalism succeeds because it more fair for the people now days. And it succeeds because our government today is capitalism. I believe in a strong Government and Capitalism promotes that.
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