Campus Politics

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By Maria Reylan M. Garcia

Campus Politics

I had my generous share of politics back in elementary and high school. For seven straight years since Grade 3 until 3rd year high school, I created a dynasty. I seem to be a landslide favorite for class president. In my senior year, I also became Student Council President. It never occurred to me that I might have pulled those off with my irresistible charms and tantalizing charisma. Years later, I found out I may not even have either of them. But, honestly, unlike some, campus politics for me wasn’t just another venue for additional extracurricular points. I have that undying urge to reach out. I wanted to help. My campaign speeches that enclosed words promising service through the cleanliness campaign, library expansion, peer counseling program and enrichment of student-administration relationship, mirrored my pure and determined spirit to serve without dirty personal motives. I and my voters were too idealistic then, that we never realized how real politics differ greatly to ours. Sometimes, when I look back, I couldn’t help but grin. Real politics is far different from the free-spirited and taintless campus politics inside the walls of checkered skirts and colorful lunchboxes. When two groups of students fight over the chalk-drawn hopscotch spot in the quadrangle, student leaders simply suggest the taking-turns strategy. To everybody’s surprise, it would work out perfectly. When the administration and opposition parties brawl over yet another dance step or some intrigued house bill, country leaders would suggest the most complex solutions, and much to no one’s surprise, would lead the argument to be even more complicated. Campus and real politics differ in the organization of priorities. When the girls’ bathroom stink more than the boys’, the student leaders sought ways to add more fresheners and fix the broken pipes and...
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