Cabela's Case Analysis

Topics: Retailing, Online shopping, Shopping Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: September 25, 2012

1. Despite the proliferation of e-tailing, how did Cabela's manage to overcome customers in its retail stores? How was it done?  
Cabela's surmounted marketing challenges and has still managed to overcome customers to its retail stores by providing unique in-store shopping experience. Despite the rapid boom of the brick-and-click retail stores, Cabela still invested into furnishing every retail outlet and are now selling not only lavish products, but also the shopping experience itself. Their stores features aquariums, waterfalls, wildlife displays and other authentic decorations which possess museum-quality. This fact made Cabela's a retail phenomenon; consumers do not only perceive them as merely a retail store, but rather a tourist destination. Another competitive advantage of Cabela is their wide selection of sporting goods for hunting, fishing, and any other outdoor sport. A shopper must go to two to three different retail stores before finding all the brands that Cabela's offers. This means that there are brands who only trust Cabela's to be their exclusive distribution channel, making their products available only through Cabela's retail outlets. They also practice scrambled merchandising, wherein they do not only offer goods for the outdoor sports people, but they also offer clothes and gift items for women and children. Moreover, Cabela's staffed their stores with knowledgable people to assist the customers for their purchase, since the offerings are shopping and/or specialty goods hence customers are more selective.  

2. How do you think family of social influences affect reluctant male shoppers who visit Cabela's?  
The purchase chain ends with the post-evaluation process, and consumers who are satisfied and even delighted with the shopping experience deliver positive feedback to the company and will even recommend the store to their families and other social groups through word-of-mouth. Likewise, customers of Cabela's share their shopping...
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