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Topics: Char kway teow, Country, Roti Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: June 11, 2012
In the digital alaf mendepani waves of globalization, Malaysia has debuted a line gah standing with the developed countries after the end of foreign occupation for 446 years. Darsawarsa this, Malaysia has set foot into a threshold that once smart and has undergone various paradigm anjakan. Kingdom of the early opening of industrial areas in various fields for the country's rapid economic merancakkan building. This situation also allows the release of goods made in Malaysia is more commensurate with Barangan berkualiti and import.To reach the vision of 2020 as Insight Kudsi diwara-warakan by former prime minister of the fourth, it is natural perindustrrian sector fully supported to fulfill the will of the elevated level for the market. Food sector is also not excluded. Thus, it bought a stake in Malaysia need to be made Barangan diuar-uarkan and dipergiat to open people's eyes so that they do not menganaktirikan Tempatan own products. As countries develop, Malaysia actually has a lot of produce and release various Barangan as well as its own products, such as food Tempatan Fat Rice, Roti Canai, Char Kuey Teow generated by the berbilang of this homeland.The people of Malaysia are also necessary to change the nature of shopping. Pembaziran nature and shop beyond the ability of income among the people of this country who contributed to the decline in the ringgit due menyimbang brands easily acquire credit easily. Berikutan it, people need to change the nature of the shopping mall to practice frugality in nature such as saving to reduce debt impression.In the face of cabaran globalization, we need to scrape the sememangnya ego attitude was not profitable. Similarly, the attitude of contempt Barangan Tempatan prejudice, it need to be removed far from the point of our thinking and otherwise nurture the spirit of "Malaysia May" from sundry, including the matter of his own qualities and standards Barangan.Priority to the people of Malaysia seyogia Barangan made his own...
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