Business Processes and Information Systems

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Business Processes and Information Systems
Rosalyn Huf
April 27, 2015
Saundra McDavid

Business Processes and Information Systems
An information system (IS) is an important part of an organization’s business processes. Information systems facilitate communication and coordination among different functional areas, allow easy exchange of, and access to, data across processes. Specifically, IS's play a vital role in three areas: Executing the process, capturing and storing process data, and monitoring process performance. An IS helps organizations implement processes efficiently and effectively. Within the human resources (HR) department, CISs (computer information systems) can greatly benefit the department by creating efficient and effective processes. Business Process that Relates to IT (information technology) Use of IT within a Human Resource department will help an organization with executing processes efficiently and effectively. CIS can be used for implementing the processes of the HR department. For example; Managing travel and entertainment through the use of expense report software such as Concur Travel ("", 2015). This type of program promotes compliance by making an effortless experience for employees and makes in-policy booking easier. It provides flexibility by enabling travelers to book from their desktop or mobile device. This program also allows for pre-trip exception approvals, along with standardized reports that offer visibility throughout the booking cycle ("", 2015). Benefits of Using Computer Information Systems

Some of the benefits of using CISs are communication, online software (cloud-based), social networking, and business generation. By using Concur Travel, HR can practically capture a live report of their employees while they travel while providing convenience to the employee traveling. ISs provide efficiency and effectiveness while executing a process such as Concur Travel. Without this program, expense reports would have to be completed manually requiring unnecessary time and money to be spent on a process that could be completed by a computer program. Another benefit of ISs is the ability to capture and store data (Rainer, Prince, & Cegielski, 2014). Concur Travel allows the user to scan and upload pictures receipts directly to the user's profile. Once this has taken place, no data needs to be manually entered into the system that makes the process efficient. When an employee travels using Concur Travel, their supervisor can observe the ongoing expense report during the employee’s trip. Once the trip is complete and approved by HR, the employee is refunded based on an amount that was predetermined by HR, the supervisor, and the employee. Conclusion

In conclusion, information systems benefit business processes in many different ways and aim to create efficient and effective communication among different functional areas that allow easy exchange and access to data. Business processes such as human resources, use information systems such as Concur Travel for the benefit of the employer and employee. This type of information system provides businesses with the ability to track employee expenses in the most efficient way possible.

Reference (2015). Retrieved from Rainer, R.K., Prince, B., & Cegielski, C. (2014). Introduction to information systems: Supporting and transforming business (5th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.
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