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Supplementary Notes (Business Model)
Key Resources

Financial support
Parent company CEC International Holdings Limited [2]
The reason why 759 Store survives is because it has its parent company as a backup support. The parent company provides financial support to its retail business [2]

Physical shops

The business aims to provide a relaxing and spacious space for its customers. [3] Majority of 759 Stores’ physical have very simple and warm interior decorations. The physical shops are usually located in subtle areas of residential areas, MTR stations or malls. The CEO has expressed that 759 stores do not need to be located in first tier spaces because it is not a convenient shop like 7-11 that needs to be in extremely convenient spots for consumers to come. [2] There are two purposes to have big and spacious shops- 1 is to provide a relaxing shopping environment to its customers and 2 is to showcase more imported products on the shelf for customers to choose from. The retail floor areas of 759 STORE were about 271,000 sq ft (2013: 146,000 sq ft) in total and approximately 1,411 sq ft (2013: 1,090 sq ft) per shop. , Shop rent accounted for about 9.8% (2013: 9.7%) of the retail revenue. [3]

Human Resources
The Group’s procurement team comprised members who have worked in the coil business for years [3]. Many of the sourcing employees have in-depth knowledge in the procurement process because they have been working for the coil for years and years. Although retail business particular the snack business is new to the company, yet they were able to adjust and learn the tricks in sourcing for the retail shops. They had the skills in procurement to be able to adapt in any retail business. Sourcing personals are located all around the world! [1]

Japan, Taiwan, Korea, India, Middle East, and China [3]

Other support
The coil business also provides packaging service for the retail shops. A lot of times 759 Stores would repackage the goods...
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