Business Communication M1

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M1 Business Communication

In P1 I talked about types of communications used by Asda and these are Verbal, written, on- screen. In this task I am going to show you the advantages and disadvantages of each type of communication referring it to my chosen company and that is Asda.


Oral communication or speech is often the preferred medium to exchange information in in informal situations since it provides a number of immediate benefits when attempting to pitch proposals and ideas.

* It’s easier to communicate verbally than any other way because you get to understand every detail that is being spoken by the other person. In Asda customers communicate with the staff members this is an advantage because they get to ask questions if they don’t understand the instructions clearly.
* Advantages of Oral Communication. Is direct and promises instant feedback. Speech is a trustworthy vehicle of communication when it is used to encourage or persuade during the course of only one exchange. Asda tend to start off their projects and proposals via face-to-face meetings since this tends to foster trust and persuasion.

Verbal communication allows the opportunity to give and receive immediate feedback. In a face-to-face conversation, there can be an instant exchange of ideas. In addition, questions can be asked and answered while the discussed topic is still on the table. If you are asking someone to do something, verbal communication can expedite completion of the task because it doesn't depend on e-mail or written clarification for questions before it can be done. If you are in a verbal conversation with another person, you can ask questions to immediately ascertain whether your instructions, goals and desires are clearly understood


* A disadvantage for this type if communication in Asda is when a language barrier occurs, if one person does not understand the other due to the fact that he or she does not speak English or does not cope with the accent so that will cause a poor communication between the staff member and customers. * Disadvantages of Oral Communication. Despite the undisputed advantages of speech, this medium of communication still should be used with care especially within Asda since speech does not provide a written record of the information exchanged and of the agreements agreed upon. Furthermore speech provides scarce control of the direction of communication and there is no time to think to provide satisfactory replies.


* Multimedia is an advantage to Asda because a large number of people can watch the presentation for example electronic paying tills they can get information if the tills are not working or if there is any discounts or and new system introduced by the organization. DISADVANTAGE Of ON SCREEN

* The disadvantage of this type of communication is that people with disabilities like blind people won’t be able to communicate using this method.

In Asda a large percentage of information is communicated via the written medium either by sending letters or memos, or more frequently via email. Although In Asda written communication is often used to confirm oral communication as it provides a fixed record of the information exchanged.

* The advantage for this type of communication in Asda is that one can get all the information from Asda leaflet that he or she needs and can verify back to it if he or she did not understand the information clearly. And also a good thing because staff can easily give customers written documents that might be more helpful for people who don’t understand some staff members English accent and memos that are send to branches of Asda.

* Advantages of Written Communication. Provides a fixed and tangible record of the information that was exchanged. It can also serve a variety of purposes from informal to formal...
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