Business class week 5 Reflections paper

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This Business is Ministry

This Business is Ministry
Melba A. Grant
DeVry College

This business is a ministry1
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how to get customers4
financing your business5
when to quit your day job6

Man of God, Ministry, Counselor, Pastor these are the typical titles associated with people who are working inside of a religious ministry, however one title not spoken of and yet is essential and plays a critical part in the success of the other titles is entrepreneur. Like myself, you may have never place entrepreneur amongst the list of titles, I understand, because until recent studies I never would have considered the life of a Pastor to also be the life of an entrepreneur and without question a very skilled one. This paper reflects upon the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur inside of what is typically a profession that most would never consider a business. The challenges that pastor’s face is the same as any other entrepreneur such as Financing your business, how to get customers and when to quit your day job! Without great challenges there would be no reward ministry has rewards such as helping others, however as a business that reward does not pay the bills and the challenge is to keep your passion and find ways to ensure that this passion sustains your everyday life. This Business is Ministry

The first definition on entrepreneur was merely someone who developed something. In due course, it became someone who owned a business typically a a business that delivered goods or services, However the best definition, the one used most often today, is someone who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks for a business or enterprise. I believe that the evolving of the definition was due to the realization that untraditional service utilizes the basic model for business to survive thus saying that a business can be anything that needs organization, a system that needs to be managed and that assumes certain risk. How to Get Customers

Finding customers can be a challenge if you do not have a good product or service. The challenge intensifies when your business is not a business that typically sells goods or provide services. If you have a good product or service then customers will come and a great marketing strategy will boost sales. Unfortunately, for Pastors such as David Grant of Covenant Keepers Christian Center people are not typically buying a good or service when they enter into a place of worship, many do not come to give rather they come to receive. These souls come for encouragement, motivation, and inspiration and often they are poor, unemployed, or unwilling to give money past a certain amount. Many never realize that the church needs consistent followers or customers in order to provide those needs of the people who enter into the place of worship. How can a church find customers? That answer is tricky because you cannot instead you must find a soul in need meet them where they need to be met, help play a pivotal role in their spiritual development or transformation and then if they continue to attend allow them to spread the good news about where they was and where they find themselves now. “This is known as testimony,” says Pastor David Grant but in business, we call it marketing. Financing your Business

“People may not know or even see the church as a business, however a church must operate like a for-profit business,” (Grant, 2014) Overall, as stated by Stephen A. Kent, church can be seen as a multi-faceted transnational corporation that has religion as only one of its many components. (Grant, 2014) In January of 2008, Pastor Grant revamped his approach to ministry after two failed attempts and began to understand the business side of his passion he opened up Covenant Keepers Christian Center Inc. only this time in Brooklyn New York. Armed with a new mindset, business courses,...

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