Bsa 375 Week 2 Sr-Rm-004 Human Resources System

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SR-rm-004 Human Resources System
BSA 375
October 3, 2010
Nancy Mingus

SR-rm-004 Human Resources System
The COO Hugh McCauley has requested the analysis of the current Human Resources (HR) system. Mr. McCauley would like to integrate different tools and bring the current system up to date with technology. The project plan needs to provide all the different tasks and resources needed for the project. The projected timeline for the project with the different milestones needed to be achieved during the project. A budget that would be necessary for the completion of the project would need to be included for upper management information. Current Human Resources Information System

The current HR system is part of the financial system package that was installed back in 1992. The information that is tracked for each employee is: • Personal information (such as name, address, marital status, birth date, etc.) • Pay rate

• Personal exemptions for tax purposes
• Hire date
• Seniority date (which is sometimes different than the hire date) • Organizational information (department for budget purposes, manager’s name, etc.) • Vacation hours (for non-exempt employees)

Currently other information is tracked manually on excel spreadsheets in the Managers personal computer and in file cabinets. If there is a need to change any of the information for an employee this has to be completed manually using a form and submitted to the payroll clerk by the manager of that employee. The manager keeps track of the employee files that they manage. The manager also needs to maintain the absences by the employees under their direction as well as any of the ADA accommodations needed by any employee. There is no central location currently for the employee files. Resumes that have been submitted to the company are filed in a central storage area which all manager have access to. The...

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