Breeders Agrivet Supplies, Incorporated

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Breeders Agrivet Supplies, Incorporated


In 1993, Breeder’s Agrivet Supplies Incorporated a Cebu based corporation started their business as a wholesaler and eventually opened retail stores in the market. The owner got the idea of having this kind of business during the time when they were still employed in a big company the same as this industry. The corporation is concentrating in the Visayas and Mindanao areas. They get their supplies from Unaco which is in Manila. After 5 years, the business was able to have the stability in the market. Then they were able to put up a factory wherein they manufacture their own products but not all products. In the year 2006, Breeders Agrivet was chosen as on of the top50 Small Medium Enterprise (SME) in the Philippines. The Breeder’s Agrivet Supplies Incorporated is owned by Mr. Nelson Dauz. Before the business was established, he was employed in Pacifica Agrivet and worked as an executive manager. Since then, he had an idea to make a business just like the company he used to work with. Then he gathered the resources that he have and started to put up the business. The company’s mission and vision is to fulfill the dreams of its people and customers by improving their quality of life through integrated livelihood development. Breeders aims are to be a reliable partner in providing excellent agrivet inputs and services. They also aim to be in the most places where it is accessible and where its presence is needed the most.

Breeders specializes in the retail and wholesale of veterinary drugs and medicines, feeds, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers and other agricultural related inputs like feeds. So since they manufacture their own feeds now, the in-house brands were created namely KUSOG Ultima Premium Hog Lines, Wynmoore Gamefowl feeds, ANAVY, BMX hog feeds and SMP. It is also for...
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