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Founded in 2000 and listed on the SGX in 2003, our business is about innovating and creating distinctive flavours to satisfy your palate – literally! This has earned us numerous awards and growing popularity with customers here and in other markets.

In the years, we have flapped our wings across 13 countries, leaving our mark with more than 300 boutique bakeries, 40 food atriums and restaurants, supported by global staff strength of 5000 employees.

We have a shared vision to be an international trend-setting lifestyle brand. To this end, we have taken bold strides in introducing new food culture with revolutionary changes and ingenious differentiation. Our products are also crafted with passion and vibrancy to the highest quality. We are confident that our strategies will lend us a distinct competitive advantage and a platform for continued growth.

12 countries and territories with more than 300 bakery
outlets (including franchises), 33 foodcourts and 8 restaurants BreadTalk has become a distinctive Singapore brand that has gained international appeal and renowned for the way it has revolutionised the culture of bread consumption with its visually appealing, aromatic and unique-tasting products. BreadTalk outlets feature a "see-through" kitchens, often located next to or within the retail outlet, separated from the main retail space by transparent glass panes, allowing the public to view the kitchens. The rationale for doing this was that it would promote confidence in their hygiene quality and food standards. How BreadTalk Ventured Abroad

• Built a winning concept in Singapore before venturing abroad.

• Ensured that the company was operationally ready before taking on overseas markets.

• Chose own-and-operate and franchising as complementary strategies.

• Moved into new markets only after getting professional advice and help from Government agencies.

Practical Tips
• Be prepared to adapt your products to local tastes.

• Protect your trade mark and other intellectual property in local and overseas markets.

• Seek professional advice and help when entering new markets.

• When franchising, choose partners with strong network and operations so you can focus on building the brand.

George Quek Meng Tong

George, founder of the Group, was appointed to the Board on 6 March 2003 and re-elected on 28 April 2008. Having led and grown the Company to its outfi t today, George continues to drive our strategic direction and development. George started his food and beverage business in Taiwan in 1982, successfully growing it into a chain of 21 Southeast Asia food outlets within a decade. Returning to Singapore in 1992, he founded Topwin Singapore and subsequently Megabite China in 1996, establishing the food court businesses. In 2000, he started the bakery business with BreadTalk Pte Ltd and eventually brought it to list on the SGX in 2003. To facilitate expansion plans, the bakery and food court businesses were strategically merged in 2005. A natural progression from BreadTalk's bakery expertise, Toast Box was introduced in Dec 2005 as a local toast concept that combines nostalgia and familiar Southeast Asian flavours. George holds a Doctorate in Business Administration (Honorary) from Wisconsin International University, USA. Amongst other awards, he won the Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year 2006" (Emerging Entrepreneur Category) and "Entrepreneur of the Year 2002" organised by the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and The Rotary Club of Singapore.

Katherine Lee Lih Leng

Deputy Chairman
Katherine was appointed to the Board on 6 March 2003 and last re-elected on 30 April 2007. She oversees the Group's research and development, as well as pioneers new ideas and concepts. Responsible for product development and enhancement of our various brands both locally and globally, Katherine also formulates product training and technical skill...
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