Book Project by Jimmy Carter

Topics: Old age, Gerontology, Jimmy Carter Pages: 3 (969 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Toni-kae Stephen
AP US History
Mrs. Elaine Davis

The Virtues of Aging

Does aging really have “virtues”? Virtues according to the Oxford Dictionary; is behavior showing high moral standards. While I am dubious that there any “high moral standards in aging”, Jimmy Carter proudly reveals why I should reconsider this notion. According to him, people of descending age generally become old through their choices, not their obligation. Jimmy Carter explains the secrets to aging so people can accomplish their life goals.

A virtue is that the readers, who are elderly, learn the value of independency. It is fear of older people to be dependent on others claims Mr. Carter. He insists than regardless of how feeble you become, you must incessantly resist the urge or temptation lying at your dispense; which would be the others to rely on, for the certain abilities which we are ABLE to do. “It is dangerous to sink into in-activity by accepting help or services that we can provide for ourselves. The best intentions of others can change us into television-watching vegetables.” In, this President Jimmy Carter is adamant in his information towards the elderly to remain “active” for the things you are able and not “slothful”, because really permitting others to help you more than what is necessary, would be inversely very harmful for you rather than its initial intentions. The fear of aging and the goals to be anticipated were discussed within the novel. In the beginning, he informs us of how to achieve happiness and stay productive in one’s “old age”. According to President Jimmy Carter, “Each of us is old when we think we are- when we accept an attitude of dormancy, dependence of others, a substantial limitation on our physical and mental ability, and restrictions on the number of other people with whom we interact.” Another virtue obtained is wisdom. According to president Jimmy Carter, “One definition of wisdom I like is the ability to exercise good...
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