Biopsychosocial Analysis of

Topics: Old age, Gerontology, Ageing Pages: 4 (1095 words) Published: November 19, 2014

Biopsychosocial Analysis of
Maria Andrade

Maricruz Martinez
Introductory to Gerontology
Professor Haldeman, PhD
April 13, 2013
Maria Andrade is 79 years old. She came to America as a Cuban refugee at the age of 20. She was raised by her grandparents in Cuba. She began working at the age of 14. When she arrived in Miami, she was able to obtain part time employment and immediately enrolled herself in ESL classes. Thereafter she attended community college for about two years. She then moved to Los Angeles due to being accepted to UCLA where she obtained a BA in Sociology and a Masters’ in Business Administration. She worked for a private bank for about 24 years where she met her current husband. She now works for the Department of Public Social Services where she has been working for about 25 years and is planning on retiring in the near future. She has been working for the past 49 years non -stop not including the years she worked in Cuba.

Maria got married at the age of 30 and has been married since. I recall Maria stating that although she is looking forward to retirement and loves her husband very much, one reason she is not looking forward to retirement is due to the fact that she will now have to spend the majority of her time with her husband. She feels that one of the reasons they have had a long successful marriage is due in part to the fact that she and her husband have not had to spend all their time together and have been able to have separate lives away from each other due to both of them having full time employment with different schedules. The reason I mention the marriage is because she has been working for 49 plus years and therefore, she will now have to adjust to a new life that does not include work. Maria also stated that when she retires she will be able to spend more time with her grandchildren and close friends and family. She will continue to be active by gardening, walking, swimming and...
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