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Name : Đỗ Quý Nhân
ID: CQ532800
Advance enteprise management 53

I. Introduction about Big C
Big C Supercenter operates business in the form of "Hypermarket" or "Supercenter", a modern retail business which is managed under the umbrella of Casino group. It is one of the major retailers in the world, with over 307.000 employees working in more than 12.000 stores, in Vietnam, Thailand, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, France, Madagascar and Mauritius. Today, Big C has a total of 26 stores all around Vietnam. « Big C » reflects the two most important elements of the business and strategies for success: « Big » refers to the large size of our stores and the wide selection of merchandise we offer. « C » refers to our loyal customers, who are the key to the success of our business.C currently stocks over 40,000 items to meet every customer's needs. Big C super center

At Big C, the majority of the space is devoted to the sale of consumer goods at low prices and good quality. Products available in a Big C store can be divided into 5 main categories, as follows: Fresh Food: meats, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, delicatessen, frozen food, dairy products, bakery. Dry Food: seasonings and condiments, beverages, soft drinks, liquor, snacks, personal stuffs, cleaning products, pet food and accessories. Clothing and Accessories: men’s, women’s, children’s and infant’s clothing as well as shoes and handbags. Electric Appliances: a wide range of electric appliances including fridge, washing machine, air conditioner, kitchen appliances, home entertainment equipment, computers and IT equipment. Home Décor and Accessories: furniture, kitchenware, plastic storage items and utensils, decorative items, home improvement, maintenance tools and supplies, automobile and motorcycle accessories, sporting goods and toys. Big C shoping mall

Big C Shopping mall provides rental space located both inside and outside of Big C building to let the entrepreneurs do business within Big C. Nonetheless, goods and services providing must be different from the goods sold in Big C. Therefore, customers visiting Big C could find a great range of products and services available at a single destination, enhancing the overall shopping experience. Most of the operators that lease space at Big C Shopping mall can be divided into 4 main categories: Food and Beverage: restaurants, franchises food outlets, food court Entertainment: cinemas, karaoke booths and kid’s play ground. Specialty Stores: book shops, fashion boutiques, electronics shops, mobile phone shops. Services: ATM...

Vison & mission
Nourishing a world of diversity
Become the reference be the best retail to satisfy our customer Value:
Customer satisfaction
II. Business environment analyse
1. Extenal Environment
Enterprise looks like a living body, it always has an interaction with the external factors. Every changes controls to the operation and the result of business. Analysing the influence of macro environment to Big C business operation to clarify. Economic factor

Economic environment plays an important role, have the directly effect to the market development of the supermarket. When the economy is increasing with high growth rate, the personal income increases lead to increase the ability of payment and the buying power in the economy. High income also diversify the demand and change the market segment, consumers increase the buying power and size of demand. Ha Noi with the capital role also has the outstanding development. GDP per year in period 2000-2005 is 13.6%, in period 2005-2010 is 15%. Besides the GDP rate, Personal Income increases rapidly, population and educational level also increase that create the advantaged condition to expand the market....
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