Big Bazaar Project

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In partial fulfillment for the award of the degree



Under the Efficacious guidance of:
Developed & Compiled by:

Institute Of Management Technology
Center for Distance Learning,Ghaziabad.


I,Prashant saxena, hereby declare that the project entitled “Operation Management at BIG BAZAAR.” has been personally done by me under the guidance of in partial fulfillment of Post Graduation diploma in business Management with specialization in Operations during academic year 2010-2012. All the data represented in this project is true & correct to the best of my knowledge & belief. This work has not been submitted for any other degree / diploma exam elsewhere.

Date: - 07/11/2012

A Project usually falls short of its expectation unless guided by the right person at the right time. Success of a project is an outcome of sincere efforts, channeled in the right direction, efficient supervision and the most valuable professional guidance. This project would not have been completed without the direct and indirect help and guidance of such luminaries. They provide me with the necessary recourses and atmosphere conductive for healthy learning and training.

At the outset I would like to take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge the very kind and patient guidance I have received from my project guide Without his critical evaluation and suggestion at every stage of the project, this report could not have reached its present form I would like to extend my gratitude towards, Director Dr.Arun Mohan Sherry, , for her technical and moral support required for the realization of this project report I also thank IMT_CDL for an opportunity to undertake a Soft skills project at the start of our PGDBM course which helped us to understand deeply for those topics which are untouched. Lastly, I would like to thank all the members of BIG BAZAAR and my colleagues who gave me fruitful information to finish my project.

Any suggestions to improve are always welcome




Industrial Training in business organization in fuse among student a sense of critical analysis of the real managerial situation to which they are exposed. This gains them an opportunity to apply their conceptual theoretical & imaginative skills in a real life situations and to evaluate the results there of.

BIG BAZAAR is a name renowned name in Retail. BIG BAZAAR is now a brand image in private retail sector. While my two month project, I was at BIG BAZAAR to find potential of BIG BAZAAR on the presence of other retail Stores.

Practical training through experts of BIG BAZAAR gave me actual input to fulfill my real aim.

This report is the written account of what I learnt experienced during my training. I wish those going through it will not only find it real but also get useful information.

Title of the Project-

“Operation Management at BIG BAZAAR”

Different objective behind conducting this project-

To study the degree of Operation


The project was carried out for understanding the movement of the product at BIG BAZAAR and customer behavior regarding different product at BIG BAZAAR Allahabad Branch .BIG BAZAAR was established in the year 2001, they are old player in RETAIL sector. The BIG BAZAAR follows values such as – Indian ness, Leadership, Respect and Humility, Valuing and Nurturing Relationships, Simplicity and Positivity, Adaptability. This research helps us in finding out the customers view regarding the product and Services offered by the...
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