Between the years 1900-1913, it was the Kaiser Wilhelm who really controlled German domestics

Topics: German Empire, Social Democratic Party of Germany, Germany Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: November 6, 2013
‘Between the years 1900-1913, it was the Kaiser Wilhelm who really controlled German domestics’ policies’. How far do you agree with this judgement?

From the 1900-1913 Kaiser Wilhelm, the elites and the pressure from below all had a say in the domestic policies that controlled Germany. Although some theories suggest that only one of them had the greater power. The statement suggests the Kaiser did but I will examine two other theories as well as the Kaiser. The other theories are pressure from below this is the working class and the elites also known as the structuralism (the middle class). The elites had a huge role in German domestic policies during the 1900-1913, they had the overall power but the Kaiser and the pressure from below did play a part in it too. Between the years 1900-1913 the Kaiser' rule became less powerful as the years went on. Although he did still remain I power. On theory of this is the Daily Telegraph Affair in 1908. The Kaiser had slipped a very important statement concerning the foreign policies. As a result he was given an o confidence vote and had to make an apology to the government about his mistake. However the Kaiser still remained in power - showing that he still had an input in how Germany was run but it also shows that the Reichstag had gotten more confident as they are were challenging the Kaiser rule. This theory suggests that the Kaiser was becoming less powerful than he originally was, and between the years 1900-1913 he controlled German politics but to a minimum.

A far stronger theory is that between the years 1900-1913, Germany was controlled by the elites, who manipulated the Kaiser. One theory of this is the Zabern affair. The elites were sent to deal with the protest that was going, the military which had most of the elites in it dealt with the protest but angered the citizen of zabern. To condom what they were doing they evoked the Kaiser name. This show that they felt they were able to do a d get away with...
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