Best Things To Do in Bangkok

Topics: Bangkok, Chao Phraya River, Thailand Pages: 3 (1034 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Best things to do in Bangkok

Let’s be honest here, any of you love travelling overseas but worry about the high money expenditure? And to add salt into the wound, we’re not working, many of us are still relying on our parents’ pocket for money. However, don’t be disappointed because our country’s neighbor up north is a cheap alternative for a fun, memorable travel destination. Thailand is a land where people speak in high notes and tom yam is a word synonymous with the term, everyday food. Before, Bangkok started out as a small trading centre and a port some 200 years ago. Today, with the influx of modern technology mixed with the beauty of its illustrious past, there are a mass variety of things to do In Bangkok. Be it eating in neon lighted side restaurant, visiting dazzling temple, artfully sculpted palaces to floating market, and shopping in fancy shopping malls, each has an intriguing story to tell. If you love the distinctive flavor of coconut, chilli, lemon grass, lime and spices, eat all you can while in Bangkok. From mango rice, tom yam noodles to Thai Hakka noodles and sharks fin soup, it caters to any taste buds. Mango rice is basically glutinous rice mixed with condensed milk and sweet mango. While it may seem simple to prepare, the Thais take it to another level. Next, Thai tom yam has always been very tasty with a good balance of sourness and saltiness with a pinch of sweet taste but if you can’t take spicy things, this will not appeal to you as it is also mightily spicy. Just eating a bowl of tom yam noodles sent tears spewing from my eyes but it kept me wanting more. Bangkok is also famous for fried creepy crawlies. Cockroaches, grasshoppers, crickets and worms are fried in boiling hot oil and mixed with black pepper plus a bit of MSG for extra taste. Many find them to taste like normal snacks but I didn’t have the guts to try it. Just looking at it was scary. Now that you know food is a must try in Bangkok, let’s look into the sight-seeing...
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