benefit of free sample and flyers

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Free sample
Free sample is a best way to introduce the new product to public. Customers love samples. It is given consumers opportunity to “try before they buy”. Consumers don’t have to spend money on trying the new thing before figure out if they will like or not.

Therefore, the company can give 500 free copies of product to consumers. The free sample can be given at fishing forum, wet market, or fishing tools and accessories shopBy providing product samples, the salesperson should welcoming customer feedback regarding the product. Salesperson also can give them a paper asks them to rank about the hand soap.

It can help the company acquire new customers, if customers who have tried the product and love it are going to buy it no matter what. Giving someone a free sample of an item can generate not just interest in “the product, but greater interest in the company in general. This can encourage a potential client to spend money on products other than sample items. Flyers

Flyers are cheap to produce and simply begin able to attract new customers. In oder to use flyers effectively to promote the new product, there are few things to consider.
The first consideration is finding a suitable location to distribute them. The company can apply the flyers promotion at Shopping Mall, fishing forum or fishing tools and accessories shop. The company might even ask the shop owner such as fishing tools and accessories shop, to hand the flyers to customers during the checkout or place them on tables or shelves where customers can see them. It can help the new product to create awareness. Before attempting to promote a business with flyers, the company should check local laws and ordinance; it is always safer to hand out flyers directly to potential customers instead of placing them on vehicles, utility poles, or other objects.
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