Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Topics: Sales, Retailing, Customer service Pages: 3 (734 words) Published: November 17, 2007
Q. 1:
Explain how Bed Bath & Beyond practices the retailing concept.

A. 1:
Bed Bath and Beyond practices the retailing concept by being value-driven and goal oriented. By maintaining annual sales of 6 billion (not to mention the 15 years of consecutive profit), BB&B has clearly met the customer's standards by offering convenient and multiple store locations, excellent store atmosphere, and an assortment of indispensable merchandise. BB&B also practices the retailing concept by giving their customer a total retail experience. When a customer ventures into a BB&B store, they aren't just looking to purchase a product, they are seeking a pleasant shopping experience. For those who have never shopped at a BB&B (hard to believe since they have become such an enormous and highly regarded franchise), one can tell why customers have chosen to become such long-term investors with the company. Bed Bath & Beyond stores are generally located off all major highways or large plazas with well-proportioned parking lots and easy access to the main doors. Inside Bed Bath & Beyond franchises, the store is regularly staffed with a large quantity of friendly and ‘well-kept' sales associates who are willing to approach and help the customer in finding their particular needs. Also, BB&B offers good value to their customers by keeping them informed in regards to special store promotions whether by mailing list or basic in store flyers.

Q. 2:
Evaluate Bed Bath & Beyonds's growth plans.
A. 2:
Bed Bath & Beyond's growth plan is highly effective. Over the past decade, BB&B has opened hundreds of stores in a variety of locations. By annually securing greater sales, BB&B are able to open more stores nationwide allowing their customers greater access and more convenience in the travels. Also, another great advantage BB&B has over their competition is the fact that they are now being allowed in large shopping centers across the US. This opens up extra business for BB&B given that...
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