Balanced Scorecard In Human Resource Management

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Balanced Scorecard in Human Resource Management
March 6th, 2010
They say that it is impossible to evaluate something without measuring it. In business terms, performance is measured in different values, often by money to time ratio. Thus, to analyze performance of your business, you need to find aspects of the work to be measured. Almost all businesses use IT support. Moreover, many firms use special software to evaluate performance of the company to find out what needs to be improved. Of course, in tiny companies this software is not very popular since it is possible to evaluate everything without automated tools. But why do extra work which can be done by computer? All business professionals would admit that Human Resource Department is an important part of any business structure. You may have the best technologies, output capacities and equipment but you may be not getting proper profits because you personnel is poorly managed. When HR management works at its best you will immediately see positive results. However, the work of HR department also needs to be evaluated. HR managers should always get better and improve performance. When it concerns companies and departments with 200+ employees it is not so easy to find out who or what makes the company perform worse than expected. Employee A is responsible for negotiations, employee B does the calculations, employee C goes through paperwork. If one of them fails, the entire chain fails. This influences the company’s overall revenue. Businesses must always get better, otherwise they will be wiped out by smarter competitors. In terms of HRM, one should always get better way of dealing with people and streaming their skills in the right direction. For the purposes of performance evaluation thousands of companies are using Balanced Scorecard (BSC). What is a BSC? This is a mechanism of making personnel familiar with strategic success factors which are reached through key performance indicators (KPI). Different...
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