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Topics: Human resources, Human resource management, Scientific method Pages: 7 (1822 words) Published: August 18, 2013
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Osama Shaban, Accounting Department, AlZaytoonah University of Jordan


Auditing Human Resources as a Method to Evaluate the Efficiency of Human Resources Functions and to Control Quality Check on Human Resource Activities International Business Research Journal, Vol. 5, No. 3 PP.122-129 © Canadian Center of Science and Education

Objectives of the article include:
To evaluate the efficiency of human resources at all levels in the organization through Human Resource Audit •To measure the effectiveness of human resources and to provide evidence of proper management function •To ensure the fulfillment of the Organizational objectives, policies and procedures •To control quality check on HR activities through Human Resource Auditing The author elaborates human resource auditing as a measure to evaluate human resource functions, human resource Climate and compliance of an organizational policies. The audiences of this article are HR professionals, Executives and Managers of different companies. The author employs empirical evidence to support the argument by collecting primary data through a questionnaire and analyze using descriptive statistics. Brief Summary

The problem addressed in this article is all about to find out whether the human resources of a certain entity is effective, and weather they are functioning properly and meeting their HR duties in order to achieve the organizational goals. The solution proposed for the problem is to examine and pin point strength and weakness related to HR areas and skills and competencies to enable an organization to achieve its long term and short term goals. As evidence the t-test analysis and Cronpanch Alpha indicated the reliability of the scale and it was which is (0.855) good because it is higher than the accepted percent (0.60) Results:

t-test was used to analyze the Null hypothesis of three hypothesis: Ho: Human resource audit can not be performed through the measurement of the effectiveness of the HR functions Ho: Human resources are not compiled with managerial policies, procedures and legal provisions Ho: HR Management’s climate does not have an impact on employee From the three tests, it is found that calculated t = 28.504, 27.516 and 21.643 respectively, which are greater than tabulated t = 1.987

The results provide support for the alternative hypothesis which asserts HR audit can be performed through the effectiveness of HR functions of an organization. i.e •Human resources are compiled with the managerial policies, procedures and legal provisions •The HR Management’s climate has an impact on employee motivation, morale and job satisfaction

The article makes significant contribution by:
Stimulation of uniformity of HR policies and practices
Finding critical personnel problems
Ensuring timely compliance with legal requirement
Reducing of HR costs through more effective personnel procedures This research is also relevant and current to different companies in our country.

This research article is based on the theories and frame works that other researchers have developed. The base line for this study is built up on the methods of evaluation that measure the efficiency of human resource at all levels through out the organization. Synthesis

Human Resource Audit measures human resource efficiency and effectiveness under the given circumstances. HR measures are some times talked about in the context of measuring the contribution of HR function. (Torrington, Hall and Taylor, 2005). Audit of human resource function involves audit of all HR activities. For each activity: (i)The auditor/s must determine the objective of each activity. (ii)Identify who is responsible for its performance

(iii)Review the performance
(iv)Develop an action plan to correct deviations if any between results and goals, and (v)Follow up the action...

Bibliography: 1. Derek Torrington, Laura Hall, Stephen Taylor, Human Resource
Management, 2005, 6th edition
2. Michael Armstrong, Armstrong’s Hand Book of Human Resource
Management Practice, 2009, 11th edition
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