Asthma: a Respiratory Disease

Topics: Asthma, Inhaler, Allergy Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Asthma is a respiratory disease. Asthma has a high reactivity of the bronchial tubes to various stimuli and that reaction blocks air flow by narrowing and obstructing the trachea and lungs. (Woollbert, Robert, 1996) This causes difficulty breathing, and while it’s normally temporary and reversible it can still be life threatening. Normally a person with Asthma has triggers. There are two main sections triggers fall under, a viral illness or an allergy. A viral illness is the most common cause in children under five and adults over 40, while an allergy is most common between the ages of 5 and 40. (Woollbert, Robert, 1996) Some typical triggers can be pollen, mold, dust, dander exercise, sinusitis, weather change, aspirin and cigarette smoke. (Woollbert, Robert, 1996) Stress can also be a trigger to asthma. (Modern Dental Assisting, 2012) The most common symptom of Asthma is a cough normally after illness or exercise. (Woollbert, Robert, 1996) Also periods of wheezing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath can indicate asthma. (Modern Dental Assisting, 2012) Rattling chest sounds, fatigue, irritability, loss of appetite itching of nose, eyes, ears, sneezing and a runny nose can all be symptoms of an oncoming asthma attack. (Woollbert, Robert, 1996) There are more than 22 million people that have asthma and 6 million of them are children, (Modern Dental Assisting, 2012). Most people’s asthma has their first onset a few years into their life, 80% before five. (Woollbert, Robert, 1996) Children with Asthma normally have remission during puberty and 50 – 75% of kids with relativity mild asthma become asthma free, while the majority of children with persistent asthma continue to have asthma. (Woollbert, Robert, 1996) Asthma is untreatable, but there are ways to help manage it so people with asthma can live relativity normal lives. (Woollbert, Robert, 1996) One step is to identify allergens, irritants, and factors that cause the...
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