Assignment 5

Topics: Human resources, Web application, Human resource management Pages: 8 (1591 words) Published: March 1, 2015

Shannon Smith
Strayer University
June 15, 2014
Dr. Leslie Wills

Web based vs. Standalone PC

Compensation is one of the most important parts of human relations. Compensation must conducted correctly and efficiently with little to none error. Reducing costs, enhancing service delivery and implementing systems that support a higher-performing workforce are all key themes in today’s HR department (2004). It is important for all employees to understand compensation and receive compensation without any unlawful discrepancies. Due to innovation, compensation is mainly conducted via software and internet. Due to innovation, human error has been reduced significantly which has been deemed positive for companies in regards to compensation. One of the new technological advances would be the web-based methods which have structured how compensation is being handled. Web-based solutions mechanize all of the administrative transactions. As a result, HR members are now freed to conduct other duties that would help drive performance for the company. In contract to the stand alone PC program, web-based solutions provide an array of advantages and processes. PC-based systems are stationery; this can become a burden to employees that are ready to go home and would not mind doing some work from home. In contrast, web-based compensation can be taken care of from home. Some disadvantages that may occur when using web based compensation are the vulnerability to hacks. It is extremely difficult to monitor activity on a web based program versus a standalone pc program. Compensation includes extremely confidential information which can be detrimental if leaked. The cost of maintenance for web based processes can also be expensive. It is important that all systems and software is up to date therefore maintaining updates may be costly for the company. After careful evaluation of both programs, I would recommend the utilization of the web based compensation programs. The web based programs are more flexible and they provide more efficiency for the company. The first reason why I would recommend the use of a web based system is for the ability to use the program from home. This cuts down error as well as accidents from happening. The second reason I would use this program is for all of access and processes this program contains. This would allow me to focus other important duties I was previously limited on time for. The last reason why I would use e-compensation is because it is available to everyone. Everyone can see what they signed up for. They will still have limited access due to rank; however, they can make personal changes.


According to The Brave New World of eHR, compensation plays a critical role in organization today. E-compensation tools provide HR managers with the ability to effectively adapt compensation systems to meet these challenges, to manage and maintain all aspects of equity in play plan design, and to link compensation systems with the strategic management of the organization (Gueutal and Stone, 2005). This allows companies that utilize e-compensation to remain competitive against rival companies. Using e-Compensation provides management with the ability to utilize best kept practices. Overall e-Compensation will increase efficiency for the team members due to its technological capabilities. Employees can also benefit from e-Compensation due to the easy accessibility to of pertinent employee information. For example, an employee that may need to update information regarding compensation has the access to do so without having to logging in at the remote location. This idea is known as self-service. Not only are employees able to access certain information, they are also able to learn and understand compensation without extreme expertise. With such accessibility, e-compensation will help save on time and lower confusion amongst employees. Centralized vs....

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