Assignment 1 Systems Consideration in HRIS

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Systems Consideration in HRIS
Cynthia Wynder
HRM 520
27 Jul 2015
Dr. Batchelor

Comparing commercial databases
There are many different types of commercial HR data systems and have many skills like managing performance, benefits, payroll, and others that manage training, and Human Resource officials have to know the right systems for their type of work in order to help the processing go as smooth as possible and the comprehension of loading the information into the systems using the software is processed correctly. When deciding to buy HRIS database systems there are many factors that should be thought through before making the choice. It is important to keep in mind the customer of the data, the process, and the decisions that will be made. (Kavanagh, M.J., Thite, M., & Johnson, R.D. (2012). Two types of these commercial HR systems are Bamboo HR and iCIMS. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the two. Bamboo HR software is versatile and allows users the ability to track what is needed and able to organize data to ones needs. The software multiuser access performs reliably so the user can define what people can see what information. The software is user friendly, great staff support (customer service), constant improvements, ease of use; cost affordable, flexibility of reports and the software has data security compliant with sensitive data. Its disadvantage is BambooHR cannot be hosed on a company’s own server. BambooHR is what is called a dashboard and they cannot be customized by adding modules, and some menus cannot be customized. Some payroll services it does not sync to and the software has limited functionality.

ICIMS is about talent that businesses are drawn to for the intuitive talent, acquisition and on boarding solutions, assisting companies with hiring those best fit for the position. The great advantage is the branded career portal which allows applicants to seamlessly apply and enter the company’s applicant tracking system and when position(s) open in the company the company itself can report on employee applications seeing whether or not they most fit person for the position(s) already works for the organization which is a big plus financially. Other advantages of this software in the branded career portal is posting jobs are easy and employees can manage their personal information like resumes, contact information and certifications and licenses. ICIMS has a social media distribution access to over 300 social media outlets, career site search engine optimization and as mentioned above a job board posting, allowing HR professionals and recruiters to reach more qualified candidates. Also, the ICIMS the system is easy to use, it has good functionality, the product quality and customer service is a plus the cost is not cheap, but companies want the quick time and the smoothness of the function so they pay the price. As it is known no matter how good something is it also has disadvantages and with the ICMIN small businesses will find this database can be problematic leaving the IT issues to the employees due to the company not large enough to have an IT specialist. Other disadvantages human error when loading information, the cost to update the system, the applications either malfunction and depending on the business can have insufficient applications to support human resources specialists’ functions. The greatest disadvantage is online security, and because of this users must take great measures to make sure that when processing personal information they process it with true attention to detail.

With all this said, both systems are good in their own functionality of what a business is looking for and for the type of work being processed. It is important to do the research and ask questions before opting to settle with any HRIS these systems are not cheap and once the system is in place it will be very unfortunate to work on a system not...

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