Assignment 1

Topics: Retailing, Sales, Shopping mall Pages: 3 (1272 words) Published: November 15, 2014
For assignment #1 Chapter 18 visit a retail establishment (product or service oriented) and write a 2 to 3 page analysis of the atmospherics and the elements used to develop it. Do not do the analysis on a business you work for.

Does the atmosphere support the image of the retailer? Does it add to the shopping experience? What kind of retail strategy does it suggest? What changes would you recommend for this retailer and why? Use elements from the article by Malcolm Gladwell on the “Science of Shopping” at the link below to analyze the atmospherics . Include elements from the article as part of your evaluation criteria

The text has a checklist on page 496 under #1 Get Out and Do It. to evaluate the store layout, design, merchandising etc. You can also use the checklist as part of your evaluation model. This paper is 2 to 3 pages maximum double spaced in Times New Roman #12 font. 35 points


Idea oriented presentation

Atmospheric: Bright lights, vibrant colours (colourful), music (modern, top 50 hits songs), The retail locations are inviting and modern, with bright lights and white floors.

Read more: Immediately upon entering the store, you see these skirts labeled "trending now." These skirts are bestsellers on Forever 21's e-commerce site. This shows a smart merger between online and offline and a lightning-fast reaction to trends:  

Read more: Unlike other teen retailers that only restock for the seasons, Forever 21 has a constant influx of new merchandise, which is displayed throughout the store

Read more: Forever 21 has been a...
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