Assessment 1

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Assessment 1
1.1 Executive summary

Bounce Fitness is a mature fitness center. It has been operated for 14 years with national growth in this time line and conducts wellness programs. The staff is highly educated, motivated and creative. Recently, Bounce Fitness has decided to carry out two projects for elderly people, between 50-70 years old, couples and families. This report has identified the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of these projects to analysis if these projects are worth to carry out. This report also includes the objectives and provides a full strategy review for these projects. The report is used to analysis if these marketing plans are acceptable.

1.2 Marketing opportunity options

There are 2856 gyms/fitness centers in Australia. Average revenue per annum is 1 billion dollars. About 10% of fitness centers are boot camps, 60% are 24 hours gyms, 20% are sport centers and 10% are personal trainers. There is about 40% of fitness centers are in Melbourne, 40% are in Sydney, 15% are in Brisbane and 5% are in Cairns. From figures above, people in these cities pay attention to their health. There are opportunities that people would like to spend money in fitness centers, especially elderly people. Because elderly people have some health concerns such as diabetics and heart diseases. Doctors, surgeries, clinics and pharmacies also recommend them to go to fitness centers.

a) Provide health and fitness services to 50-70 years old
Cannot get the money back because not many elderly people would like to join the gym. As the number of elderly people increase, the other members may not want to come to the gym The rate of injury may increase.

The number of customer may increase
The profit may increase
The reputation of the company will be increased
b) Provide couple pack and family pack
Some customers may not want to come to the gym as the number of customer increase. Complaints may increase
The benefit increases
More people will come to the gym as the price goes down.

SWOT Analysis
The brand already famous among people
The staff are trained
Equipment and facilities are already purchased
As equipment is used for a long time, it may has potential danger Do not have professional employees
Do not have a lot of money for marketing
More people want to go to gym to keep fit
Some doctors may recommend people to go to gym
Good economic environment
Have many competitors
Negative reaction by current customers
The Rate of Interest is long
customers information may leak which may let the company against the consumer protection law the police that the company have may not compliance to medicare

1.3 Marketing strategies

Bounce fitness will offer group sessions, discounts, extra activities, morning teas and bingo wellness style. Bounce fitness can set up special curriculums to attract people to come to the fitness center. Bounce fitness can also work with physios, dietician and nutritionist to recommend their patients to go to fitness center to do exercises.

a) Provide health and fitness services to 50-70 years old
Set up special wellness health plan for elderly people: Elderly people may feel more welcome if the gym set up a special curriculum for them, then many elderly people may just come for these curriculums. Free to see doctors and clinics. Strengths:

The brand is famous now, so many elderly people may come
They already have asset, so they do not need to purchase another asset They have well-established policy and procedure
Elderly may have some spare money
Doctors may recommend their elderly patients to go to the gym There are more elderly people who care about their health
Overcome the weakness:
Potential danger of equipment: fix and adjust the equipment frequently Poor trained employees: Train employees to become more profession Lack of money:...
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