Assess the View That the Fiume Occupation Was the Most Important Consequence of the First War in the Period 1915-20

Topics: World War I, Liberalism, Socialism Pages: 4 (1491 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Assess the view that the Fiume Occupation was the most important consequence of The First War in the period 1915-20

The First World War did not a have a good impact on Italy. The reasons for this were many but the people of Italy blamed the liberal government at the time. The cost of war had been great and the Italian people had to deal with the aftermath and the many internal problems cause by the war. People in Italy started to doubt the liberal government and wonder whether going into the war was worth it as they won the war but had many more problems to deal with. The purpose of my essay is to assess whether the Fiume occupation was the most important consequence of WWI. Obviously, the Fiume occupation is an important consequence but I’ll also be assessing some of the other consequences of WWI and whether they are more important or not. The main reason for the Fiume occupation being important is that it showed to everyone the weakness of the Liberal government and their inability to deal with situations making them. The Fiume occupation was the result of soldiers not getting what they were promised by the Liberal government from the Treaty of London. They did not get the things they agreed upon in the peace treaty as GB and France did not think they deserved it which meant they did not get the land that they were promised such as Austro-Hungarian land and German colonies. This made the people of Italy angry, especially the soldiers. One of the demands from the people was Fiume but Nitti’s Liberal government was not willing to give it up as the Liberals wanted to avoid conflict as not to make the economic situation worse. Then a nationalist poet and ex-soldier called d’Annunzio rounded up 2000 ex-soldiers whom agreed with him and occupied Fiume themselves. The point of this was that one man led a small army and took over Fiume when a government with a whole country at its disposal could not so people saw the Liberals as weak. Fiume was held by d’Annunzio...
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