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Anthropologie – Introduction and Overview
Urban Outfitters, Inc. is a publicly traded American company that owns and operates over 400 retail locations in all of their stores divisions. The five retail brands they have are Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, Terrain, and BHLDN. Urban Oufitters have about 170 locations now and is continuously growing. The reason why they have become so successful is because of their passion of whom they stand for as a company. In addition, they seek to create a differential shopping experience. Now, Urban Outfitters merchandise is described as sexy, vintage, bohemian, and hipster. They are mainly known to be servicing the “hipster” and “vintage” culture and fashion. Since their target market is the ages of 18-30 years old and their sales associates are around the same ages they want to create that emotional bond with all the consumers that walk in to the door. In 2011, they then brought in the Polaroid cameras, which in no time became a huge hit to their consumers. Even though Urban Outfitters had some controversies with their clothing they sold, due to religious and ethnic issues, they continued to still have brand loyal consumers. Urban Outfitters, to this day, is one of the most popular and strongest stores for their target market. The retailer Anthropologie was established in Wayne, Pennsylvania in 1992. Having both online exclusive shopping as well as catalogs for their customers. Owned by Urban Outfitters, originally, Anthropologie was a label being sold at Urban Outfitters before becoming its own specialty store ( Retail Industry). Currently, Anthropologie has one hundred and seventy five stores in US, Canada, and London ( Urban Outfitters was introduced in 1970 by Richard Hayne and Scott Belair and later opened the specialty stores Free People ( Retail Industry), and eventually introducing Anthropologie. The retailer Anthropologie uses a variety of merchandise such as clothing, accessories, gifts, home decorations, and more for young women to flaunt their creativity (, and for young women to create an identity and journey with their products and relatable to their everyday lives. During the 1990’s, Anthropologie was becoming successful because their merchandise was considered to be the most adaptable. According to Women’s Wear Daily, division sales were 30% from specialty stores (Gale Database).

Anthropologies’ merchandise deals with contemporary casual wear for young women, which is mainly consisted of fabrics such as cotton, wool, and silk and known for their sweaters to appeal to the young trendy women (Gale Databases). Attracting women from about ages 18-35/40. Anthropologies’ strategy is lifestyle merchandising allowing women to create and relate to their fashion forward, trendy, and personable merchandise and products that Anthropologie has to offer ( Retail Industry). These young women can create their own style and way of living. Anthropologies’ company’s mission is for their customers to create an emotional connection/attachment to their merchandise and provide great value service for their customers to receive the ultimate shopping experience.

Anthroplogie has achieved an enormous amount of success through out the years and this is because of its strengths in the retail industry. Unlike other retail chains, Anthropologie is strategic in portraying its brand image. They capture their customer’s attention with their visual displays, merchandise, as well as its store environment. With over 135 retail stores in the United States, Anthropologie can be described by its, “One-of-a-kind, compelling shopping experience that makes women feel beautiful, hopeful, and connected (”

Visual displays are one of the most obvious strengths of Anthropologie. From a distance customers are captured by the intricate, handmade designs that are visually appealing. Full time visual...

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